When my wife and I decided to host a memorial on the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children we thought of no other place to hold it other than Laurel Hill Cemetery - the site where the victims found at the infamous Gosnell clinic are buried. When we arrived at the cemetery to see the grave we were shocked to see that not only are the victims buried approximately 5 feet behind a tree hidden from view, but there is also no marker, gravestone, or anything to signify that they are actually there. The only way we knew we had found the right spot was the existence of a few rain-soaked teddy bears that were strewn around a strip of dead grass. This is no way for anyone to be buried, let alone victims of such a heinous crime.

We immediately contacted the City of Philadelphia Medial Examiner’s Office who owns that parcel of land and we asked for permission to place a marker there without cost to the city. Our request was denied. When asked for a reason, we were given no response. Now we are planning to escalate our approach and bring a petition to the Mayor to see if he can approve this memorial. If it is in your heart please sign our petition. Thank you and God Bless You.